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Product Description

This is the TAD-1R pick in 60/1000th of an inch(1.5mm) thickness. It is identical to the TAD, but HAS ONE ROUNDED CORNER. All of our picks are professionally machined, hand beveled, and laser etched.


Quarters, Nickels and Dimes, if included in the pictures, are for size reference only. They are not etched on the picks or included with the sale. To use this reference, please place a coin on your current non-Bluechip pick and then compare to the pictures of our picks with coins on top of them. This will help you choose the pick that is closest to your current favorite size and shape.

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Product Reviews

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  1. TAD60-1R 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 20th Jan 2018

    This was a gift from my wife, tried it and love it. The only pick I use now. Very pleased.

  2. For Years My Wife Has Been Finding Picks in the Washing Machine 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 13th Dec 2017

    Not any more, BlueChip picks are definitely worth the investment, and they get the high quality treatment in our studio. Love the warmth when playing acoustic guitar, and the bevel options for playing styles.

  3. 35 bucks for a pick? You bet! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 27th Nov 2017

    Rick Faris, who plays guitar for “Special Concensus”, a wonderful touring blue grass band, told me, and the other 12 guitarists in his class at Walker Creek Music Camp about the Blue Chip pick. As an intermediate guitarist, I thought, right, me? Play a 35 dollar pick. Well, I did, and do, and ther blue chip pick is worth every cent and more. I actually purchased a 40, 50 and 60 and a thumb pick. Guitar is a passion, and everyday experience - why not enjoy using the best pick ever. I have tried many picks (and love the folks at V-Pick). The blue chip is well worth the dough, it feels great in my hand and elcits the Loveliest nuance and tone from your fine guitar.

  4. Fantastic Pick 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 12th Mar 2017

    I had one sent over to the UK I just had to try one out, after a little while getting used to it, I just can't stop using it, I try to use any of my other picks and I keep coming back to the Blue Chip, it's a really special pick. nothing else does what this does.

    It is now my only pick for Acoustic and Electric, my box of other picks are redundant, I am going to have to get some more sent over, so I have some spares because I can't imagine using another pick ever.

  5. Love the tone 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 23rd Nov 2016

    I'm using my new TAD1R60 for mandolin after a while playing on a Primetone 1.5mm of the same size and bevel. In many ways, the tone of the BC is similar in character to the Primtone pick. The biggest difference I hear, however, is considerably less pick noise and metallic string overtones, particularly right at the attack of each note/pick stroke. The result is a thicker tone overall, though still with very clear articulation (in contrast, for example, to the Wegen TF140, which is soft and muddled on the note attack to my ears).

    I got the 1R with the idea to use it for tremolo, particularly double-stop tremolo situations. It's certainly easier to glide across the strings with the round edge, but I find that I lose some volume and single-note clarity with that corner. Still need to get used to using it and pulling good tone, but for now I favor the other two corners considerably.

  6. Great pick. 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 12th Jul 2016

    My Blue Chip TAD 1R 60 is the second Blue Chip pick I have. My other was same model, but an 80, with no rounded ends. The slightly less chunky 60 is fine in comparison with the 80, and works out a little cheaper there. No big loss for me in the lesser thickness. Bevelled edges make for smooth pass over the string; the rounded end, the 1R, does have a subtle but noticeable softer attack. A useful addition to have, especially, as the other two points of the pick are the more standard shape, and therefore give the more standard tone.
    My one reservation is that in hot weather, if you have fingers that are likely to sweat a little, the Blue Chip is quite smooth and tends to move in your grip. If you're playing an ongoing rhythm line, this can be a concern, as eventually it might end up in a position that makes comfortable playing difficult. The solution might be some form of 'corrugation' - a small rough patch - in the centre of the pick to stabilize the grip. For me, it's not a question of holding the pick tighter, as that introduces a tension into the right hand which affects fluidity of movement across the string. But this is a small complaint. Overall, it is a very comfortable, long-lasting, excellent quality pick.

  7. Top quality 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 5th Jan 2016

    These picks produce the best tone of any that I've tried, and just don't seem to wear at all. I've purchased a number of Blue Chip picks in the past, and use them on both mandolin and guitar. I will surely continue to do so.

  8. Very Versatile Pick 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 1st Sep 2015

    First of all, I love Blue Chip Picks, and yes they are worth what they cost. What I like most about this pick is the ability to switch back and forth between the round tip and the pointed tip. I tend to use the round tip for rhythm work and then spin it for lead. Great Pick.

  9. Best picks out there! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 1st Jun 2015

    Well worth the money! I have been playing Blue Chip picks for 3 years now and have not used anything else since. Before I had used Wegen, Golden Gate and shell picks. To me, the BC is right on par with the shell in terms of tone and exceeds it in playability, speed, etc. as well as being maintenance free. In 3 years, my picks have absolutely NO wear! Only very very fine scratches that you have to hold in the right light to see. I like the TAD 60 3R for mandolin and the 50 and 60 1Rs for guitar. I usually have one on each instrument and another in my leather BC key ring pouch. Thank you Blue Chip!

  10. TAD 1r 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 4th May 2015

    I love this pick! It is the most comfortable pick I've ever used, and the tone is so very clear, but not brittle. I have ordered several others because of the quality and playability of these products.

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