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Product Description

The SR is an extremely rounded triangle shaped pick in a 60/1000th of an inch(1.50mm) thickness. The bottom corner radius is greater than the top two corners.  Our picks are all precision machined and hand beveled for the highest quality.


Quarters, Nickels and Dimes, if included in the pictures, are for size reference only. They are not etched on the picks or included with the sale. To use this reference, please place a coin on your current non-Bluechip pick and then compare to the pictures of our picks with coins on top of them. This will help you choose the pick that is closest to your current favorite size and shape.

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  1. Love my SR 60 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 3rd Mar 2016

    I am new to mandolin, so my review probably doesn't really count :-). However, after four weeks of playing, and loving the instrument so much, I decided to splurge on this pick. I had seen it mentioned by some professional players online, and since I am learning mandolin online, I went with what seemed to make sense. I chose a round bevel, and I am glad I did. I can already hear the difference in my sound, and the pick is extremely comfortable to hold. After four weeks of my "textured" pick, I am loving the smoothness of this one too.

  2. Something special 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 11th Jan 2016

    I have a number of Blue Chip picks gathered over the past several years for different instruments, but lately I like the SR size and shape more than any other. I use them for guitar--electric and acoustic. They're smooth and quiet and fast. I especially like the 2 shoulder points that aren't quite as rounded for playing leads. The material, whatever it is, feels and sounds really nice. The SR 60 is great for finesse and dynamics. If you haven't tried these, you're missing something special.

  3. Lovin' my SR 60! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 30th Dec 2015

    I am sitting in a studio waiting to overdub my mandolin parts. In my hand is a Blue Chip SR 60 pick. Who would believe that a pick could make a major improvement in tone? Believe! Well worth the cost.

  4. The Only Pick I Need 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 13th Jul 2015

    After settling on a Wegen M150, I heard about Blue Chip picks and decided to try one. I've had my BlueChip for about a month and the Wegen hasn't been used since.

    The BlueChip simply feels better in my hand and makes strumming-something I've had a hard time doing well--so much easier it's amazing. Despite the slick surface the pick doesn't move around in my hand and it glides across the strings effortlessly. I'm a beginning mandolin player with an inexpensive instrument (the manufacturer's label says "handmade mandoline") so good tone is hard to find and the BlueChip brings out the best my instrument can muster.

    I hope to be playing the mandolin for a long, long time and expect BlueChip to be with me all the way. Thanks BlueChip!

  5. Awesome tone shaping tool! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 19th Jan 2015

    My main instrument is the guitar. A year ago year I picked up the mandolin. After trying a few picks I settled on a Wegan M150 (counterpart to the SR60). About eleven months into playing I noticed my right hand was cramping up frequently due to the pick's dimensions. Even though my technique was right, I wasn't getting the smooth tone I wanted and the pick noise sounded like fingernails on a chalkboard. Playing the mandolin started to become a chore and I felt discouraged.

    I had read about Blue Chip picks when I started playing mandolin and decided to give one a try. For Christmas, I got an SR60. The difference was noticeable right away. I am getting the sound I was hearing in my head! The SR60 was the missing link that I was looking for.

    The pick's material gives me a lead tone that is really clean and smooth (like Chris Thile or Sierra Hull) while the rounded edge helps me to achieve the dark, woody tone that I like as well. And if that wasn't enough, it even produces that classic, percussive chop sound making it great for bluegrass. Also works well for tremelo. I get a smooth, velvety sound without the pick noise! With Blue Chip you hear the music, not the pick. It has cleaned up my playing tremendously.

    The feel is great too. My right hand isn't cramping up anymore because the pick stays in my hand, making me relax my fingers.

    When I used the M150, I heard a shallow sounding box. With the SR60, I hear a clear, rich, full bodied musical instrument. (My all-solid f-style now sounds it costs three times as much.) It makes me sound very pro. I am falling in love with the mandolin all over again.

    If you are thinking about giving a Blue Chip a try, do it! You won't be disappointed. It's a great tool that will bring the best out of your instrument.

    Thank you Blue Chip for making such an incredible product. I will definitely be back for more!

  6. It's All About The Tone 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 19th May 2014

    I'm on an eternal quest for tone and since I've tried the Blue Chip SR 60 I've found the missing piece. I've tested different guitar/strings/picks combinations and this pick is incredible. I play acoustic guitar, solid body electric, and a big jazz body electric within the jazzy/world/chill genre's and I'm just blown away by how much Blue Chip has made a difference, and my best description would be "beautiful and bell-like." Don't be put off by the price, that's cheap compared to all the other factors in the "tone chain." Just buy one, you won't regret it!

    Greg Mann

  7. SR60 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 7th Mar 2014

    I am only giving this pick 4 stars because I prefer the SR50. I am sure this is a perfect pick for someone though.

    Here's what I like about it:
    shape and size

    The two shoulders of the pick are rounded yet have just enough of a point to help grab the string. That's my favorite type of a point. I only wish all 3 points were the same!! Maybe a custom order in my future.

    I also like having just a little smaller pick - more of a mid-size pick.
    It feels easier for me to control.

    The 60 is a little too bass-heavy for me. I have an already bass-heavy sounding mandolin. I ordered a SR50 and love it. It seems like a better weight with my mando.

    I did not get a beveled edge. May try one, but am happy for now!
    Great pick.

  8. great product 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 22nd Dec 2013

    The product is excellent! I've been using it for half a year. I think it's the fastest pick in the world! The material is very smooth, but it doesn't slip between my fingers. When I touch the strings, it doesn't make any sounds. When I play pianissimo, it activates the strings, while most of other picks don't. I like the way it is shaped: The part under the inscription is the softest and makes the most rounded tone. The left corner is making a more clear sound and the right corner a very bright tone (if we're looking at the inscription).
    I'm using ground strings and I like the rounded tone very much.
    The pick is certainly worth it's money. After half a year of use, it doesn't have a single scratch on it!
    Yours sincerely,
    Tomaž Pinter (from Slovenia)

  9. Anything else sounds like plastic 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 8th Jun 2013

    I played a lot of picks since nearly 40 years. I played nearly exclusively Wegen Picks in the end , but now , i never play anything else than Blue Chip Picks. Please offer a SR 100 !

  10. It's not a pick, it's a sound shaping tool 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 22nd Apr 2013

    I'll just paste what I wrote on another forum after I got the second BluChip, I play gypsy jazz kind of stuff:
    I like the blue chip so much that I decided to get another one but I called and talked to either Matthew or Allen, can't recall now, and described what I like in my current pick and what kind of sound I'm after and he recommended to try the SR60. I got it just in time for a bar gig we did on Fri and man this pick is great. I'm a total believer in BluChip and shaping the sound of your instrument through this incredible tool. The SR60 gives me even fatter, warmer tone then the round tip of TP1R, with a ton of attack and power. It snaps the strings so hard and I'm getting that sitar sounding twangy quality that I loved hearing in other players so much. On the rhythm it's a whip.

    I think these picks can shape the sound of your guitar so much that if you get the wrong one for your type of instrument/playing you'll dislike it very much.
    In my case it took their roundest tip to get the kind of warmth that I was looking to get from my guitar. I don't care too much about the pointy corners on TP1R, had I ordered their regular TP with all pointy corners I'd have returned it for sure.

    To sum up the SR60 on my guitar is fat, projects extremely well and has tons of attack.

    Thank you BluChip!

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