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Product Description

The STP is a smaller version of the TP. It is the same basic size as our Kenny Smith signature pick, but has sharper corners. The STP in a 50 thickness is the pick that Adam Steffey currently uses. This is the STP in 50/1000ths of an inch thickness(1.25mm). All of our picks are professionally machined, hand beveled, and laser etched. This pick comes with a speed bevel.


Quarters, Nickels and Dimes, if included in the pictures, are for size reference only. They are not etched on the picks or included with the sale. To use this reference, please place a coin on your current non-Bluechip pick and then compare to the pictures of our picks with coins on top of them. This will help you choose the pick that is closest to your current favorite size and shape.

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  1. Exchange 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 5th Mar 2018

    I asked Matt for an exchange on a previously ordered pick and he sent the one I needed with no questions asked.
    Wonderful pick, won't use anything else!

  2. The Pick Made MY Guitar Come to Life ! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 22nd Feb 2018

    I saw a guitar lesson on U-tube where the guy was playing with one of your picks. I decided to try the STP 50, my Martin 000-15SM came to life as never before.

    My wife heard me playing and said wow ! you really sound so good,
    what did you do to your guitar ? I used one of my regular picks and
    she said there is an immense difference - I can go on and on !

  3. best pick I ever played! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 17th Jul 2017

    For the last years I played mainly horn picks on my mandoline. It included a lot of effort, though: Finding the right raw pick (there are big differences in this natural material), thinning and shaping them to my liking, glueing sandpaper on them for better grip. They wore off quite fast, and often needed repolishing in order not to scratch.
    After researching in the internet, I came upon the blue chip idea. Ok, costs quite alot - but measuring the amount of money I spent on my horn picks (which also are quite pricy), I thought I should give it a try.
    I first ordered the TPR 45, which was a bit too round and too flexible. Ordering from Germany I thought it would cost a lot to exchange it because of the shipping. A short call ensured me though, that it wouldn't cost more (just my expanses sending it back). I am greatful for this service!
    Now I have the new STP 50 in my hands, and I have to admit that it is the best pick I ever played. Smooth clear bright sound, no scratch noise, perfect grip, good shape and size for me. The bevel is perfect. It is indeed worth its price. I am amazed!

  4. New style of pick for me 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 25th May 2017

    I'm a beginner guitarist and had been using thinner picks. The thickness combined with the beveled edge took a little getting used to, but after a week or two of using the pick I really like it.

  5. Best of the best 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 3rd Apr 2017

    Unbelievable guitar picks now is the only pick I am going to use. It feels so good, it plays beautifully, this pick is so worth it!

  6. Skeptical no more 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 24th Jan 2017

    Took 2 of my regular picks to a gig a month ago for backup just in case this one didn't work.Haven't touched any other pick since.

  7. Love This Pick 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 26th Dec 2016

    It's been two years that I've been playing both this STP50 and the Jazz50 and I couldn't be happier. They hold their edge for a long time, are very hard to drop, and both produce a great sound.

    Regarding the STP50: As a long time user of the Dunlop Jazz III, I'm used to and comfortable with the size of the Jazz50. I got the STP50 to try out the beveled edge. It took a while to get used to the larger size, but, man, it has been so worth it. Tremendous pick and it is so fast. Fantastic pick for leads.

  8. my ultimate choice 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 17th Nov 2016

    I am a BlueChip user since 2014. After having used a heap of different picks, from standard mainstream to more upscale custom stuff and also some really expensive direct competitors to BlueChip, I finally pulled the trigger and ordered a TP50 and a STP45. Long story short, for several reasons there was no looking back!
    I am currently using STP50 and STP45 picks for their superior sound, feel, grip and longevity! I actually still do play the STP45 I got in 2014 (it's Nov 2016 as I write this) and the wear is minimal, even though it has been on a lengthy, nationwide tour and through a heep of other gigs and studiodates. These picks are the best.

  9. Great pick 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 14th Sep 2015

    Very nice bright tone produced by the STP50 on monel retro strings. No slipping, no dropping. Worth every penny.

  10. We have a winner 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 25th Jul 2015

    I played the Jazz III for the last 25 years, but 18 months ago I realized that benefit of a larger pick with more support. So I went on a very frustrating journey trying every pick I could get my hands on, and I just couldn't find a pick that offered both the support I was looking for and the speed of the Jazz III. Or if I did, it was made from some space-age plastic that had a brittle scratchy tone.

    I first tried the STP 50 about 6 months ago, and immediately noticed that it was very different from all the other picks I was trying. This first difference was the texture and improved grip in my fingers... but the weird thing was, even with that grip, it glided off the strings effortlessly and without any weird grinding noise. After half an hour of playing, I completely forgot it was in my hand, everything flowed (like the Jazz III). But as soon as I played some cross-srting run or something that usually tripped me up with the Jazz III, the STP was right there offering the support I was looking for.

    I tried a number of other picks after my initially encounter with the STP 50, and I can honestly say that after many months, and dozens of picks, the STP 50 is the clear winner.

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