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Product Description

The CT55 is a pick custom designed by Chris Thile for his personal use. It is very similar in size and shape to our TAD line of picks. However it is only manufactured in 55/1000 of an inch(1.4mm) thickness and has a custom bevel per his specifications. This is the exact pick that Chris Thile is currently using. See his thoughts on this pick on our users page.


Quarters, Nickels and Dimes, if included in the pictures, are for size reference only. They are not etched on the picks or included with the sale. To use this reference, please place a coin on your current non-Bluechip pick and then compare to the pictures of our picks with coins on top of them. This will help you choose the pick that is closest to your current favorite size and shape.

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Product Reviews

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  1. Is it really worth the money? 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 7th Apr 2015

    I have been playing guitar since early 2000. Throughout my short life playing bluegrass, gospel, blues, jazz, and rock guitar, I have always searched for the perfect tone in strings, wood combination, and picks. Tone and playability are two of the biggest deals to me in playing a guitar. I would rather have a $500 acoustic with more tone than a tone machine can develop, then to have a $2000 piece of art that has no tone at all. Anyway, I've grown up playing with my dad's bluegrass gospel group and we have always searched for the holy grail of picks. Just like many of you, I have tried them all, but It was not until March of 2014 that I truly was sold on Bluechip picks. I sat down at a local boutique guitar shop in Pigeon Forge, TN with a $3000 Santa Cruz All Mahogany guitar in hand and 3 different picks to test. One was theirs that they have made of some material, one CT55 Bluechip, and a tortoise shell. After playing several songs with each, it was clear as a Saturday in July that the CT55 Bluechip had the best dynamics, clearest sound, best grip, and no signs of wear.

    So, is it worth the money? Let's put it into perspective: The tortoise shell cost $80-$100, the one from the guitar shop cost $55 (and has a disclaimer not to put between strings during non use bc they have a tendency to break due to brittleness), OR $35 for a Bluechip pick that will last 8 times the life of both the other picks with better sound. YES! It is worth every single penny!

  2. Distinguished service 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 26th Mar 2015

    I was confused and placed an order with a complicated, arcane
    description. No problem! They never condescended and were
    very patient with me. Not only did they figure out what the heck
    I was describing, although that particular pick is not being made
    anymore, of their own volition they manufactured me two more.
    A great product, but as importantly, they follow up with great
    service, which, in my mind, sets them apart.

  3. Easily the best pick I have ever used 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 20th Mar 2015

    I've been a fan of Blue Chip picks for a while now and have been using the TD40 and TD50 for over a year. I decided to try the CT55 since I am a huge fan of Chris Thile (even though I don't play mandolin). I love this pick. I thought it was going to be too big, but it turns out I really like the size of it and the thickness is perfect for every style of music I play from acoustic to electric. The bevel is just right and the pick just glides through the string giving me the perfect pick attack. I have several of these now. Keep up the great work on these picks!

  4. CT 55 Mandolin Pick 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 18th Mar 2015

    Best mandolin pick I've ever used. Well worth the money. Sticks to my fingers like glue. Goes through the strings easily and produces a great sound.

  5. CT 55 Blue Chip pick 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 27th Feb 2015

    I have been using the Blue Chip pick for a few weeks and love it. It is good when you want to dig in on a note but also when you want to get that soft sweet sound. This pick is easier to hold on to than any pick I have ever used

  6. Makes you want to play 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 24th Feb 2015

    Okay, the only major con to this pick... it will not make you Chris Thile. The kind of music you make still does and will always largely depend on you as a player and no pick will ever change that.

    Good now that we've got that out of the way. Let me explain just why this pick is worth the $35 I paid for it. It makes me want to play. For any musician that should be enough to want this product but if it's not... allow me to explain further. For the past few months I've been on a "pick quest." Like many guitar to mandolin converts, I started playing the mandolin with a regular, heavy guitar pick (Dunlop Tortex), and at some point I realized that the mandolin probably needs a special pick so I went with a rounded golden gate pick, I ended up missing having a point on my pick so I then went to the V-Pick gladiator (too bright and brittle, and I wanted a speed bevel) to the Pro Plec (which I saw Mike Marshall using in some instructional videos) good tone but I still wanted a bevel, so I ended up beveling it myself and ruining the tone, then to the Wegen TR140 which was slightly better but what I found in common with all these picks was that I felt like I was fighting something.

    I'm still only as good as my technique, but at least all the hard-work I put into my technique is not subject to the whims of how well I'm compensating for my pick that day. Once again, this is just the right pick for ME, there's no right choice for a pick but I feel like most players will probably find a blue chip pick that will become their favorite.

  7. very nice pick 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 23rd Feb 2015

    so far I find no problems with the pick. it stays in my hand comfortably while playing arpeggios or strumming. Very well done. will definitely buy more.

  8. AMAZING 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 23rd Feb 2015

    I bought this pick on the advice of Mark Miracle of The Sonoran Dogs( an amazing Mando guy for sure). I am amazed at the feel of the pick, the balance is also amazing. A great product and a buy for sure. Don't let the cost scare you away, years of enjoyment to be had for sure.

  9. Too slick for warm tone; may need to try the heaviest one. 3 Star Review

    Posted by on 22nd Jan 2015

    I have both the Thile and the 1.5 mm and smaller TP60. The differences b/w the two are not huge, so i am writing one review. Also, by 3 stars, I do not imply "average." The material is anything but. In fact, of the hundreds of picks I own, including 30 or so very expensive ones (3 real deals, 2 Redbears, 4 Dugains, many custom-made, extra thick Wegens in many shapes), this material is the most distinctive. It slides, rather almost slips, off the strings with minimal friction. Unfortunately, as physics would dictate, although that translates into the clearest tone and cleanest picking (with no pick noise) at the fastest tempos, the flip side is that the BC pick of a given thickness agitates the string less than most other picks of same thickness. On my guitar (very cheap but toneful Alvarez dreadnought), mando (Gibson F9), and octave (Weber Custom Vintage A), for me the loss of tone is huge, but the precision in picking and clarity in sounding each note is almost equally attractive. For those who do not mind the loss of tone, as Steve Kaufman doesn't, for instance, when they play for cleanliness and speed, this may not be an issue. For me, I guess the only solution now is to shell out for a 2.5mm BC to put the heft behind each stroke so the string moves more loudly, even as the material passes over the string as if it were sliding on an oil spill. Bottom line: the material is unlike anything out there. The clarity and cleanliness is affords it almost irresistible. Yet the warmth of tone is conspicuously lacking at the 1.4-1.5mm thickness level in the pointed picks. Also, the tone is, not unexpectedly, very unlike tortoise, as the material isn't remotely like tortoise. (This last point does not especially bother me as nothing sounds remotely like tortoise.)

  10. Compare for yourself 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 12th Jan 2015

    The pick worked great. I compared it with my other picks, and the sculpted tip has a much more precise sound.

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