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Product Description

This is the TAD pick in 60/1000 of an inch(1.5mm) thickness. It is shaped identically to the TP, but is slightly larger. All BlueChip Picks are professionally machined, laser engraved, and hand beveled.


Quarters, Nickels and Dimes, if included in the pictures, are for size reference only. They are not etched on the picks or included with the sale. To use this reference, please place a coin on your current non-Bluechip pick and then compare to the pictures of our picks with coins on top of them. This will help you choose the pick that is closest to your current favorite size and shape.

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Product Reviews

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  1. Absolutely worth it! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 25th Mar 2015

    When I first heard about BlueChip picks, I said I would never spend that much money on a pick. Then I started reading reviews and watching YouTube videos and I became sold.

    The difference in tone is incredible. Everyone that I play with has commented about it. If I lost this pick, I would buy a replacement or two immediately.

  2. Liking it more and more 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 9th Jan 2015

    The first time I played with the pick, I thought I had made a mistake. The pick felt too slick and I just wasn't getting the clarity out of my playing. I didn't think the pick was punching throught the notes while flatpicking and strumming felt a bit dull. I kept with it and then, things changed.

    Having never used a pick with a speed bevel, I had to tweak my angle of attack. Not so much that it felt strange playing thankfully. Once I got that, the pick really showed what it can do. Licks are clean and fast. Strumming is full of sound. Thickness is spot on for me. Size is good and matches the picks I've used in the past but I may try a slightly smaller model for flatpicking.

    Admittedly, if I were to rewrite this review in another month, I might rate 5 stars. It's close right now but not quite there. As I said, I'm liking this more and more. It's the first pick I grab now and it's the one that gets the most play. All in all, great product and worth it.

  3. Fantastic 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 13th Nov 2014

    This pick is by far the best pick I have ever used. The response is great and the tone it produces is unbelievable. Needless to say, I won't be using any other pick than my Blue Chip. You can't go wrong with 'em.

  4. For The Price Of A Couple Sets Of Strings, These Picks Could Change Your Life 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 3rd Nov 2014

    First off, I love these picks. I bounce back and forth between fingerstyle and flatpicks and had noticed that my guitar's tone was much better with a thumbpick than with my previous flatpick choices. I've tried everything from plastics to woods to faux tortoise (my previous pick of choice) and just couldn't get what I thought the guitar was capable of. While chatting with a bluegrass playing friend I asked if he had any pick recommendations. He said "Blue Chip. It'll change your life."

    I ordered the TAD 50 and TAD 60 because I have several guitars ranging from Jumbo 12 strings to Grand Concert 6 strings and wanted to see what difference there would be in sound with a thicker pick. The Grand Concert (GC7 Taylor) was the one that was giving me fits when played with a flatpick and the TAD 50 solved that problem entirely. The overly strong mids are gone and the balance is sweet across all six strings.

    I've played the TAD 50 and TAD 60 on rosewood and mahogany Dreadnoughts, my rosewood Grand Concert and a maple Jumbo 12 string from Guild. These picks ROCK. There is no noticeable clicking when the pick strikes the strings, the picks are easy to hold without sliding around between your finger and thumb and the tone is amazing. As I expected, the 60 has a slightly fuller bottom end sound than the 50 but both work wonderfully on all of my guitars. My playing style ranges from soft to hard strumming, bass line runs, even a bit of cross picking and these picks work wonderfully. My little Grand Concert, not really designed to be strummed very hard, is now a much more versatile instrument and my Dreads and Jumbo sound better than ever before.

    If you're used to a smaller pick it may take a few songs to get accustomed to the larger size of the TADs, but if you pick up your old pick again you'll notice how much harder it is to hang onto than the Blue Chip.

    While I tend to prefer the TAD 50 over the TAD 60, I'd be fine with either one. If you're unhappy with the sound of your guitar, try one of these picks. For the price of a couple good sets of strings it just could change your life.

  5. best picks ever 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 19th Aug 2014

    I own a bunch of all styles and wouldn't play anything else. Tone is great and great playability...I have tried many picks and feel as though Blue Chip are tops....

  6. Blue Chip Mando Pic - Best EVER ! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 18th Jul 2014

    My mandolin teacher, Emory Lester asked me to purchase one of these picks. I thought the price was high - until I played with it. What a difference in the sound quality. I have since ordered more and will never play with any other pick. !!

  7. Lack of definition 3 Star Review

    Posted by on 24th Jun 2014

    Like all picks with round tips, it severely lacks note definition.
    Users of other instruments may find it well suited for it, but an electric guitar definitely needs more pointy ends. Most of the beveled picks have rounded tips, so the Blue Chips are not unique in that matter. All i'm saying is, if you want a beveled pick to play electric guitar, I would recommend to search elsewhere.

  8. TAD 60 - Simply the best for me... 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 24th Jun 2014

    This is the pick that ended the "search" for me. First on guitar, then on mandolin. On mandolin (which I play more of now), I prefer a thicker pick and I like the rounded bevel (vs. the speed bevel). Gives me a fatter and maybe a little darker tone. But, the chemistry of the Blue Chip makes it almost stick to my fingers and slide smoothly over the strings.

  9. Superior to hold, use and hear 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 19th May 2014

    Finally ordered my TAD60 and I'm very glad I did. I prefer it by every measure to all my previous favorites, on both my mandolins. The general shape and bevels work great for me and it glides across the strings, sounding rich and even no matter where on the neck I'm fretting or picking. Not overly bright, but certainly not dull - just a very sweet, crisp tone. Rumor has it these last and last... if that's the case, then all the better.

  10. Awesome picks 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 2nd Jan 2014

    As a mandolin player you want a pick that will pull the strings and not bend but is not so thick as to impead your playing. I'm not a professional so i don't have those special talents that the best pickers have so i need all the help i can get. The TAD 60 has more backbone than the 55 and feels more positive in my hand and will still make a clear crisp note. Don't change a thing unless to offer as a standard engraving that "God is faithful". Thanks for an easy and responsive web site that works. God bless.

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